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Sunday School

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13

Adult Classes:
- Immediately following liturgy

Fr. George
Dn. Christopher

Current Semester Book:
The Whole Counsel of God:
An Introduction to your Bible

by Father Stephen de Young

The Holy Scriptures:
- What is the Bible and what is in it

- Where did the Bible come from
- How did the Bible come to the church
- How should I read the Bible


Children's Classes:
- Immediately following communion
- Classes offered for pre-K through high school

Mary Elizabeth Asencio
Suzanne Donovan
Rebecca Diazo
Nicky Siemerling

Current Semester:

- Our Lenten Journey

For more information about adult classes contact Dn. Christopher
For more information about children classes contact Mary Elizabeth

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